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Letters, Jan. 25

What are we doing?

Thank you for the article, “Bipartisan economists call for carbon tax” in the Ashland Tidings Jan. 17.

It gave a simple explanation of the Citizens Climate Lobby-sponsored solution for climate change, the Senate (S 3791) and House (HR 7173) proposed Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend bills. It addresses the what, the why and how such a measure would serve all of us, not just a portion of our citizenry. It also fits into the anthem of what the marching Ashland Elementary children celebrated on Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. What was spelled out on their t-shirts, of each of the marchers, over 1,000 people, young and old, was this: “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are we doing for others?’ ”

Rep. Greg Walden spoke and met with many at the wildfire forum this week, too, all speaking of the problem of climate change, which has brought about the change in the air quality in the Rogue Valley. Another article in the Ashland Tidings on Jan. 4 clearly outlines what we can focus on, what we can do, not what we won’t and don’t do. Read, meet, discuss, all of us, but the bottom line is to think about what was said by concerned and esteemed minds, those of Dr. King and the youngsters in our valley: “What can we do for others?” We can do the right thing, the wrong thing, but we may not do nothing. Look over the suggestions in the articles and think about what we can do for others and show our community how you understand that others means: those we haven’t yet met, those we are serving, those we live with, and those we love. Thank you, all who have shared their solutions, our congressmen and senators, our media outlets and our marchers. Those are the guidelines for doing for others.

Barb Settles


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