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Letters, Jan. 24

Choice or obligation?

There are many issues and causes that I have felt drawn to over the years. The one that takes precedent for me now is Climate Action. Taking a stand now on helping to protect our planet seems like the only way we can be assured that Mother Earth will be healthy long enough for us to pursue all those other causes that are so important.

SOCAN, Southern Oregon Climate Action Now, offers a 10-week, in-depth look at what has led us to this junction in our environmental evolution. The course offers a technical approach to understanding the climate problem and potential solutions. A comprehensive approach to filling your toolbox with useful information and talking points. It is also a great way to connect with like-minded citizens and activists and open the doors to opportunities to get involved and take action.

If you’re skeptical about the causes of climate change and the human responsibility, this course’s scientific approach will help you sort out the facts. We do have a choice. The climate is changing and it is not in a favorable direction. We can make a difference but we need to act now.

Tom Saydah