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Letters, Jan. 29

Uproot upstanding

My friends at Uproot Meats have had some nasty innuendos and allegations hurled their way from some disgruntled neighbors, such that I feel motivated to speak of my experience of knowing them and being at their farm several times. We have shared environmental awareness at every level, including soil awareness. I’ve witnessed these young farmers to be ethical problem-solvers and hard-working individuals as they’ve built their farm. It’s been nothing short of amazing the efforts they have pursued to consult appropriate experts as they build, including a civil engineer, a soil scientist, and a landscape professional.

These people are top drawer in my books. I have faith that they can operate this slaughter operation in accordance with all environmental standards, if not better.

The farm is monitored by the experts in the field of livestock waste management in regard to the new, small-scale processing facility. They have a right to pursue the American dream in accordance with law. These are good people who are contributors to the good of the community.

They have a right to make their small farm profitable and utilize all their many talents.

It seems like fears are overblown. They are reasonable, law-abiding people.

Gayla Barrows


Behavior matters

Waving the countries flag, no mater how large, and reciting the Constitution does not necessarily make someone patriotic. Holding up a cross, no matter how large, and reciting scripture from the Bible does not necessarily make someone a Christian. What matters is the overall dignity and compassion of one’s behavior more than the pride that’s evoked. After all, does not Christian teaching say that pride is one of the Seven Deadly Sins.

However, using the brain that our Creator gave us to evolve intellectually is not a sin. If you chose not to use it that is your right but to vilify those that do proves what history has consistently shown; those who prefer brawn to brains will always mask their fear and hate with acts of violence. You may recall something along those lines happening a while back to a man named Jesus Christ who was persecuted and crucified for being a liberal progressive of his time.

Steve Sutfin


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