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Letters, Feb. 2

Regain sanity

Greenhouse gases from fossil fuels are heating our world beyond its ability to cope. Unprecedented Australian fires are raging; Greenland is melting four times faster than ever; our Rogue Valley and the U.S. West Ccoast are slated for increased wildfire risk; the out-of-whack polar vortex is freezing the Midwest, and dead seas will soon drown coastal communities.

Meanwhile greed, thuggery, brutality and governmental corruption are on the rise around the world. Obscene plunderers scramble to abet corporate profit, desperately trying to capture the remaining wealth to be gleaned from fossil fuel resources despite knowing this hastens global collapse (the Jordon Cove LNG debacle springs to mind).

To paraphrase 15-year old Greta Thunberg, speaking at the United Nations: “Our house is on fire; sanity demands we should be panicking.” Solutions will require massive governmental action so we must hold political feet to the encroaching flames. Now!

The greed-driven paradigm of market over morality must not prevail. The corporate oligarchs and their political henchmen/women and even “investors” are caught in its thrall, unaware that wealth will not protect them when we have no water, no agriculture, no forests and no fisheries and their houses are all on fire.

Let us regain sanity!

Lee Lull


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