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Letters, Feb. 6

Democracy or dictatorship

The word democracy means a form of government exercised either directly by the people or through their elected representatives; rule by the majority; the practice of legal, political, or social equality.

A dictator is a person having absolute authority and supreme governmental powers; one who dictates. Dictatorship.

A martyr is a person who would rather die than renounce his religious principles; one making great sacrifices to advance a cause, belief, or principle.

Martin Luther King Jr. was named after Martin Luther, the German religious leader who fought for reformation. They both wanted to reconstruct, make things for the better, to improve, and to abandon and give up evil ways. They were willing to make a stand for what they believed in. They were reformers but they weren’t dictators. They showed love, care, and respect to all of God’s creation, especially people.

Faye Pietsch

Grants Pass

Stand up for justice

The 2/2/19 guest editorial lamenting the erosion of Democratic support for Israel (calling it the Jewish state) gets right to the problem: 21 percent of Israeli citizens are not Jewish ... shouldn’t it be their state, too? If America were the Christian state, Jews would be the first to complain. And yet many of these same folks support Israel as the Jewish state. The word that best describes this is “hypocrisy.”

The fact that Israel deems itself the “Jewish” state explains why they’ve been on a 70-year campaign of ethnic cleansing (the exact words used by Israeli historian Ilan Pappe). In addition, Israel is guilty of apartheid in the West Bank (as documented by the statutory South African Human Sciences Research Council — and no one knows more about apartheid than the South Africans). That’s why BDS (Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions) against Israel is so important ... it’s the only real hope for justice in Palestine/Israel. Google “Jewish Voice for Peace” for an outlook promoted by Jews who put justice ahead of ethnic/religious allegiance.

Gene Robbins


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