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Letters, Feb. 14

Sad to see Etling go

I am saddened to read that Bert Etling is being replaced as the editor of the Ashland Tidings.

Etling brought the Tidings to life again when he arrived here five years ago, and he has made a Tidings in tabloid format into a great reflection of life in Ashland. In fact, the Tidings does a better job of using the tabloid format effectively than does The Oregonian — the state’s largest newspaper with much greater resources.

Will Etling still be a resource for our newspaper? The editorial does not address this issue.

Ashland is a unique, progressively thinking community with a great interest in the arts, a vibrant retirement community that embraces a 2,000-member lifelong learning institute (OLLI), a vibrant regional university, and of course OSF and AIFF.

Let’s hope a “modified” Ashland Tidings still appreciates the unique attributes and concerns of this community and covers them with vigor and integrity — the way it did under under Etling’s guidance.

Paul Steinle


Opposition was strong

I was truly heartened to see so very many articulate people who were against piping the Ashland portion of the TID irrigation ditch when I attended the Jan. 30 community meeting.

After a showing of hands, of the well over 100 folks that were attending, there were only three or four in favor. The many who spoke in the time available, were against the piping. They had well-thought-out, clear, realistic and convincing arguments against it.

I was surprised that, since the overwhelming majority was clearly against the piping, this did not come across in the article that came out in the Ashland Tidings Feb 1.

Beth Martin


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