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Letters, Feb. 16

Criticism unkind

I want to address a topic that has been going around letters, emails and on social media — people who suggest Mike Morris should not have been appointed to the Budget Committee.

To suggest that someone who stood for elected office, a volunteer position, three times, in a desire to serve his community, when defeated in a fair election cannot step up and continue to volunteer for his community just defies logic, and kindness. Mike has served honorably and with dedication this community, over many years and many positions. He is thoughtful and experienced. He put his name in for consideration to be appointed to the Budget Committee in order to continue his service to this community, and, frankly, he was simply one of the best candidates. He should be honored for stepping up, not vilified.

Yes, I voted for Mike Morris to serve on the budget committee, and I am proud I did. I would like to publicly thank him for his continued dedication to this community. I hope many of you will join me in doing so.

Dennis Slattery

Ashland city councilor

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