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Letters, Feb. 18

Thanks for saving trees

I am writing to thank the designer of the proposed Japanese Garden in Ashland for hearing and understanding the people. We love our park. We go there for all kinds of reasons. And when it is in danger, our fear erupts. I am sorry that some people had to be so harsh in their communications, but I believe that harshness was there because they felt so unheard.

What happened in the council is typical of what has been happening lately in the government. Government is supposed to be by the people, for the people. But what seemed to happen with the garden is that half the folks who were supposed to represent the people didn’t. Instead they represented their personal wishes and desires.

Fortunately, the designer was able to hear the people and follow their requests. He understood that removing the trees in the park would have left a hole in the hearts of the people who go there, and the garden could never become what it was meant to be. Thank goodness for the designer’s insight and courage to call the whole thing off.

Thank you for not raining on the dream of the kids who planted those beautiful trees over a hundred years ago. Goodness has prevailed. My hope is that in time the hurt feelings can heal, and maybe a redesigned Japanese Garden will come our way. And it can come as a beacon of light that says, “When love is present, everyone wins.”

Renée Mollan Masters


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