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Letters, Feb. 22

Concerning Uproot

Lots of nice and not-so-nice things were said about Uproot and how they treat our environment.

My husband and I (Ashland residents for 15 years) met Krista Vegter offering their products at the farmers market. Before we committed to buy she invited us to visit and to check out the farm. They gave us instructions on how to open the automated gates.

We passed through a winery, a horse pasture and big bird holdings, such as peacocks and ducks. (Yeah, and stopped at the winery to try the wine on our way back). We were surprised about the not-too-well-functioning gates, even though the driveway was completely fenced in.

The farm looked to us like any farm in progress. Happy pigs squealing and sand bathing. Straw bales along the lower fence. The two-story farm house not yet plastered. Krista explained excitedly their plans. Solar panels on the roof and no water use for irrigation. They wanted to establish a sustainable meat farm, a long time dream of theirs.

We were excited to learn later about their plans to raise chickens and to slaughter in place. That means no extra cruel transportation for the animals and real local fresh meat products. As far as we know and are able to observe, they are open to changes in order to find the best solutions to arising issues, and to be good stewards to the land, and to fulfill the county requirements and to work with the neighbors and the customers. They both are open to partnering and not to damaging like some accusations say. Please support their honest striving and refrain from judging on assumptions.

Sabina and Udo Nies


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