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Letters, Feb. 23

Attend climate hearing

BaROOOM aRRROOOM Even the Harley is going electric! Hummm Hummm Hummm!

Recently, Oregon’s Senate and House were visited by citizens from every Senate district in support of measures to reduce GHG (green house gas) emissions. Senate/House leadership and the governor have indicated that passage of a GHG bill in 2019 is high priority. The Joint House/Senate Committee on Carbon Reduction has released the Clean Energy Jobs House Bill 2020.Your legislators need to hear from you.

House Bill 2020 is in the Harley saddlebags We don’t know how long it will take to make its way through the system.

We do know we need GHG emissions reduction goals that promote GHG sequestration, mitigation, adaptation, resilience and assistance, and by law major emissions sources need to pay a price for their GHG pollution. Volunteerism doesn’t work.

Oregon’s transition from fossil-fuel dependence to a clean-energy economy is important. HB 2020 should prioritize investments in rural, tribal, urban and low-income communities.

Your action: Attend the Medford hearing of the Legislative Joint Committee on Carbon Reduction at Central Medford High School, today from 9 a.m. to noon. Need info on what to say? see SOCAN.eco.

The evil forces for planetary destruction will be there in numbers. HummmHumm!

Be there!

Louise D. Shawkat


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