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Letters, Feb. 25

‘Choosing greatness’

In his State of the Union address, the president introduced two brave American citizens. Joshua Kaufman, a survivor of Dachau concentration camp, has remembered the U.S. soldiers, sent from the sky, as “proof that God exists.” Herman Zeitchik, one of these soldiers, participated in the liberation of Dachau.

Their side-by-side interaction animated the role of the U.S. Army in repairing war-ravaged Europe after World War II. In the global context of increasing denial that the Holocaust happened, and of ever fewer numbers of living victims and perpetrators, their testimony was profound.

This interchange, however, does not wash with the president’s own anti-Semitic references to “globalists,” including George Soros and other international Jewish investors and philanthropists.

The destruction of the concentration camps that industrialized the Holocaust is due not to America’s solo “greatness,” but to solid international leadership between Britain, the USSR and the U.S.

Whether by historical ignorance or deliberate attempt to re-cast America’s global role, Trump’s policies run counter to the story behind this optic imagery of heroism and rescue.

Following successive pulling out from long-standing international alliances, these honored guests appear to be pawns in a reality theater which lacks political backing for what it seems to represent.

Lorna Forbes


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