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Letters, March 28

Repair and maintain

I take exception to the four “alternatives” as presented by the city and mentioned in almost every newspaper article dealing with the possible piping of the Ashland portion of the TID ditch. The fourth alternative should never be “do nothing” ( although that is what has happened for the last 40 years ) The fourth alternative is “repair and maintain.”

Cheaper and more practical options are available, as outlined by engineer Ted Hall.

If the canal is repaired and maintained, we can keep an open canal, enjoy walking beside running water, enjoy wildlife, shady trees. No matter which alternative is adopted, the water will have to be treated for E. coli. There would be only 2 percent evaporation, and little to no leakage. The city will be less vulnerable to liability from runoff issues. All at a fraction of the cost of piping it.

Please visit Keep the Canal at ashlandtrails.com.

Beth Martin


Outrageous attack

An outrageous attack on children is moving through our Legislature, without a vote by Oregon citizens.

HB 3063 removes all religious/philosophical vaccine exemptions for children attending any school — public, charter, private, preschool, possibly colleges and universities; and bans children not fully vaccinated from all school-related events and activities. This would affect over 31,000 K-12 students, including thousands in Jackson County.

The bill requires each child to receive every dose of every vaccine on Oregon’s schedule. Missing or delaying a single dose is cause for removal from school. A fast-tracked public hearing was held less than a week after it was introduced. Several hundred opponents attended the hearing on Feb. 28 and work session on March 14. Yet the Health Committee passed it to the Joint Ways and Means Committee.

This draconian bill will usher in school segregation based on vaccination status!

Most parents are unaware of the bill, and others are furious that Oregon’s Legislature would interfere with how they raise their children. If legislators can mandate risky, for-profit, minimal liability medical products for families and deny education to healthy children, what’s next?

Please speak up!

Oregonians for Medical Freedom lists legislators to write and other actions you can take at https://www.oregoniansformedicalfreedom.com/hb-3063-oppose/.

Liz Schmidt


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