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Letters, April 3

Airport bias on display

As most people know, you can order an Uber or Lyft to and from the airport 24/7. Rideshare drivers can drop customers off curbside at the airport, but when customers need to be picked up, they must walk almost a football field down an uncovered sidewalk to be picked up. Snow, rain, handicapped, in a wheelchair, tons of luggage or even blind, all must make this journey, no exceptions. Any rideshare driver that takes pity and picks up curbside can be banned from the airport for life.

Inside of the airport, no mention of the availability of rideshare at the airport, not one sign. However, you will clearly see where the taxis are, or where that all-important marijuana dispensary is located.

Taxis waiting are conveniently located in front of the airport, drivers have use of the airport bathrooms, along with covered benches with TV monitors. Rideshare drivers waiting for a ride park far away on a partial dirt strip with no shade, no bathroom, the airport doesn’t even offer a trash can.

Rideshare companies pay the airport the same $1 per airport ride. Why are rideshare drivers and customers being treated like second-class citizens?

J.B. Jordan


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