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Letters, April 4

Piping is too expensive

In response to the letter written by Robert Janssen:

I think that most people are concerned with water quality and availability these days. WISE does have a clear vision and some lofty goals regarding water. But, the simple truth is that of all the 19 cities and groups that are part of the “advisory committee,” not one has dedicated taxpayer money to a pipe project.

It is much too expensive and difficult to monitor underground pipes for problems; just ask the TID for one. A pipe project is especially dangerous and expensive in the steep hillside conditions above Ashland.

TID water quality is less than pristine coming into the Ashland canal and a pipe will not fix it. There is E. coli present in Hyatt Lake, Howard Prairie Lake, Reeder Reservoir and everywhere up and down the line. All public water sources need to be treated before using for drinking.

Water has been lost because the Ashland Canal has suffered from years of neglect. By fixing and maintaining the Ashland TID Canal, no water will be lost through leakage; evaporation is almost zero. Repairing the concrete costs a fraction of excavating and burying HDPE pipe.

Clean water? We have to start at the source and work our way down!

John Hauschild


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