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Letters, April 9


It is difficult to put into words how I felt when I read that our city has turned away, once again, the most vulnerable of all, by telling Jobs for Justice that they can no longer use Pioneer Hall for their Friday feeding of our most vulnerable.

Embarrassed to live in a city that seems to care so little about those in our community who rarely see a hot meal. Saddened to think that, once again, these few are at the bottom of the list as far as consideration. Helpless to think that my opinion and that of so many goes unheard!

But, most of all...Shame! Shame on you, Parks Department! And shame on us all for letting something like this happen.

Trudy Duncan


Want a wall?

Throughout history there has always been an insidious strain of world leader with the knack for bringing out the worst in people.

Europe provided some in the 1930s with that particular skill: pander to the lowest human standards, deliberately divide the populace and surgically remove any decency from their judicial system. Now, due to the flawed character of our braggart in chief, a budding dictator who religiously uses indecent rhetoric that encourages indecent behavior, voice has been given back to the loyal contingent that supports racial discrimination and the dismantling of our governmental system while thinking, in some perverse way, they are patriotic citizens.

I believe that as an American I not only have the right but the obligation to oppose these malicious elements in order to keep our Constitution and the rule of law intact. I will not turn a blind eye to the rise in racist activities. I will not agree with running an honorable society like some greedy business. And I will not exchange my morality for money.

However, I would gladly build that imbecilic wall, as long and high as possible, around those that think otherwise.

Steve Sutfin


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