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Letters, April 11

Stop cutting trees

I did a double take when I read the recent Tidings article “Trees take root in Ashland on Arbor Day”. Seriously?

It isn’t the trees that are being planted that concern me. It’s the ones that were planted long ago, and that the city seems hell-bent on chopping down.

First, who can forget the beautiful tree near the site of the new city library that our esteemed Mayor Alan DeBoer had chopped down? Then, there are the two huge cedar trees on Siskiyou Boulevard that came down to make room for yet another development.

And, don’t forget the numerous Trees of the Year that are gone.

Then, the large trees on the corner of Park/Siskiyou that recently came down to make room for more condos. Then, we have the hundreds of trees that the City wants to ax so it can waste $4 million on a TID fix that isn’t needed.

And, the two old growth trees in Lithia Park that the city wants to chop down.

It’s easy to plant trees. It’s apparently much more difficult for the city to preserve them.

I challenge the city to truly become a Tree City USA by actually putting the ax on the shelf and admiring the towering old-growth giants that grace our city.

Tom Dimitre


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