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Letters, April 25

‘German’ is fine theater

“The Good German”, a play put on by Ashland Contemporary Theatre and Livia Genise, will take your breath away.

It brings up so many questions; the play deals with World War II, we ask the questions of ourselves. How could this happen? How could there be so much prejudice, bigotry and racism? And how could a people turn their back on what was happening all around them? People shoved into box cars and sent into an unknown world, who could do such a thing?

And then a light goes on and we ask; who could separate children from the parents and put them in cages?

History will only repeat itself if we don’t stand up and do the right thing. Thank you Jeannine and Livia for bring us such fine theater.

Phil Loveless


Raise lodging, food tax

Citing police and fire personnel cuts to balance the budget is a backward approach. Additional positions several years ago without a way to sustain them was a poor decision and needs to be addressed, not that the jobs were unnecessary.

Public safety agencies now asking for other personnel are not overstaffed. As your visitor, a higher lodging and meal tax supporting a downtown police presence is acceptable, making it likely I stay longer helping businesses.

Paul Johnson

Spooner, Wisconsin

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