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Letters, April 29

Grasshopper plague

I recently met a friendly grasshopper who related all the fun and games she enjoyed at the Rogue Manor. Being an ant, I recognized her for a grasshopper because when I said I was very concerned about climate, she tossed her head dismissively and said the uninformed words:,“climate is always changing.”

She opined that we only needed forest management to solve the problems (obviously oblivious to the fires occurring in non-forested Southern Clifornia and around the globe). She was disinterested in the physics behind global warming and greenhouse gases.

I assume she returned to her fun and games at the Manor just like Aesop’s grasshopper, still refusing to believe in winter — or in this case, climate crisis. The rather horrendous difference is that today’s grasshoppers threaten more than themselves; with their willful ignorance, they are compromising all life on earth.

Am I angry with Walden/Trump and all the other grasshoppers that undermine life on this beautiful planet? You betcha.

However, Oregonian ants, and hopefully even grasshoppers, can now become national and international leaders in addressing the existential threat of global warming. We can help prepare for the future by supporting the passage of HB 2020, a Climate Action Program.

Lee Lull


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