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Letters, May 10

Sewing connections

Two years ago, when Heidi Gottlieb and I approached the staff at the Ashland Senior Center about our sewing clinic, our main focus was waste reduction and re-use. We did not anticipate how personal the connections would be.

Since RepairSO began in June of 2017 we’ve had touching glimpses into the lives of our “patrons.” We’ve had opportunities to offer support and sympathetic ears and to share lots laughs with a range of delightful members of our community.

Our sewing project repaired the binding on a quilt made by one man’s late wife; turned favorite T-shirts into pillowcases for an autistic boy to comfort him on a road trip to see his dying grandfather; took in pants waists for a gentleman who had lost weight during cancer treatment. Sure, as Ms Eppinger points out in her letter of April 24, “it’s a schedule change.” Surely the sewing volunteers can be forgiven for seeing it a bit differently.

My experience with our sewing clinic tells me it was a truly unique and valued service for the community.

Paulette Pratschner


Get back to work

As president of one of the estimated 10% of Oregon businesses that would be subject to the tax under House Bill 3427, I want our company’s voice heard by the legislators who have opposed this bill and resorted to abandoning their posts in an attempt to kill it.

First, I want them to know that they do not speak for our company. Secondly, I want these legislators to know that our company recognizes the benefits it derives from fully funding Oregon’s public school system, community colleges and universities and lastly, I want them to know that our company demands that they immediately get back to their desks and do their jobs and pass this bill into law.

Mike Mooney, Mooney & Co. Inc.


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