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Letters, May 11

Art of the schlemiel

Those who think government should be run like a business and believe that money trumps morality assume their emperor in the White House is a master class dealmaker.

Guffaw, really? Someone whose simple-minded idea of accomplishment is just to negate someone else’s ideas and accomplishments? Someone whose concept of statesmanship in Helsinki was to wet himself as his Russian chum and the world watched? Someone whose stellar negotiating resulted in getting his clock cleaned by his North Korean chum and then, naturally, boasting to the gullible that he alone abated any nuclear threats? Someone whose perception of foreign policy is to replace intelligent, qualified personnel with petty gangster types that intimidate and bully our friends and partners across the globe? Someone who, as a proven chronic liar, proudly flaunts his considerable lack of character, dignity, empathy, conscience and overall intelligence?

Americans rightfully reject this dishonorable buffoon while his supporters applaud these traits and drop them into that bucket of amazing family values we’ve collectively scratched our heads about for years. Their emperor may indeed have new, clothes but they are unacceptably filthy and need to be replaced.

Steve Sutfin


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