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Letters, May 17

We should be frightened

President Trump appears to be the only decision-maker in government. He seems to have control and jurisdiction over the administrative, judicial and legislative branches. No decision reaches us that is made by anyone else in any other branch of government, including the military.

Secondly, we have no legitimate foreign policy, as he has waged a form of war with NATO, the U.N., Europe and pretty much every country in the world except Russia, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines and a few other repressive regimes. In addition, domestically, all non-conservative media, liberals, science, and any individual who disagrees with him, have all been basically branded “enemies of the people” and, sometimes, traitors.

There are of course, other issues, such as a potentially pending war with Iran and the disruption and damage to the world economy. Weirdly, I rate these two world crises below the first issues. The U.S. is no longer a democracy with checks and balances and accountability. Congressional Republicans support this agenda, and don’t seem concerned about the inherent dangers. They are the only ones who could reverse what’s happening. Instead, they remain self-serving and, almost understandably, frightened.

Autocracy, intolerance, xenophobia and injustice are becoming the norm. We, too, should be frightened.

Don Azar


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