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Letters, May 24

Unforgivable ignorance

HB 3063, the coercive, cruel, extreme and unconstitutional vaccine bill, is dead (at least for now). It was the Republicans who best understood the issue and fought for us, and we will not forget. But there were a few principled Democrats. My own representative, Pam Marsh, and senator, Jeff Golden, both opposed the bill. We are deeply grateful and we will not forget.

The pejorative “anti-vaxxer” is meant to smear, discredit and shut up parents who did vaccinate and whose children were injured. One local legislator with whom I met (and who voted yes), shut me right down when I tried to tell my story. Nevertheless, our movement will continue to grow, because tragically, the ranks of injured children continue to grow.

I don’t have time or energy to keep attempting to inform those who repeat slogans and mindlessly appeal to (corrupt) authority: “safe and effective!” “anti-vaxxers!” “Russian bots!” “Misinformation!” The truth about the dangers of the current vaccine program is readily available to anyone with an open mind. (Journalism anyone?) It’s right in front of your face: peer-reviewed science published by our own government, hiding in plain sight. To fail to find it is willful and, frankly, unforgivable ignorance.

Lynn Barton


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