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Letters, May 30

Class cleansing

APD Chief O’Meara is at it again. Let’s force people to identify themselves, and jail and fine them if they don’t, he recommends.

“I’ve been progressive with ethical training ” says O’Meara, hoping that we all forget the arrest of a black man by APD because he was wearing a hoodie. O’Mears defended that arrest.

Either the training that O’Meara claims his officers have had didn’t work, or they haven’t had training. My daddy used to say beware of those who too often tout how liberal they are.

The City Council information states the proposed ordinance is “an additional tool to ensure compliance with quality of life ordinance violations.”


And what about the court case — McNally — that found that anyone participating in passive resistance is not technically interfering with a police officer? What makes O’Meara believe that he can simply override the Oregon Supreme Court?

Does O’Meara need more work for the extra officers that he hired? Why not focus on real crime — rapes, murders, and bank robberies — all of which are too often “unsolved”?

We should not be paying taxes to have O’Meara and his cronies harass anyone who would somehow interfere with the Chamber of Commerce’s perception of how lily-white and upscale Ashland should be.

O’Meara, quit telling us all how liberal you are, and quit harassing citizens that don’t fit the C of C profile.

The proposed ordinance is simply part of the continued ethnic and class cleansing of Ashland.

Tom Dimitre


Talk to Chief O’Meara

At the May 21 City Council meeting, Police Chief Tighe O’Meara remarked that with all the controversy, misinformation and posts on social media about Ordinance 3176 (ID ordinance) nobody had responded to his invitation to talk to him about the ordinance.

I took him up on the invitation and made an appointment. Chief O’Meara spent almost an hour with me. I found him open, aware and willing to listen to my concerns. I encourage others who are concerned about this ordinance to meet with him before the issue comes back to the council on June 18.

Elizabeth Fairchild


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