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Letters, Aug. 5

Take it back how?

The letter to the editor from Southern Oregon native Jared Connors, in which he commented about so many “desolate people,” may provide some insight into the thinking of people who would Make America Great Again. Assuming Connors meant to say “destitute people,” I believe he is referring to the homeless, and how their presence creates a “general sense of uneasiness” and lack of safety in the community.

I would like to know how he suggests we “take back our community.”

Send them back? Back where?

Lock them up? It costs $44,021 to house one inmate in prison for a year in Oregon.

How about if we just give them that money? No, that would be welfare.

Here’s an idea: Take the half of the federal budget that we spend fighting senseless wars on the other side of the flat disk Earth, and spend it on simple ways to reduce poverty at home, like education, basic health care and government jobs to build low-cost housing and invest in renewable energy.

Dan Fellman


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