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Letters, Aug. 6

Trump’s ‘speech’

On Monday morning President Trump “spoke” to the nation about the recent gun violence in Dallas and Dayton (he said Toledo). I put spoke in quotes because he was merely reading in a flat voice the words that were in front of him written by someone who put down what was thought to be expected of the president to say at this time.

If President Trump had been hearing the words he was saying, when he said “hate has no place in America,” he would have begun sobbing uncontrollably as he realized that by his words and actions he has been the enabler in chief of the increase in hate and division and, through a choked voice, he would have acknowledged his involvement and then would have said, “I am not worthy to be the president of the United States and as of this minute I resign.” He then would have left the stage, not finishing his “speech.”

Of course this did not happen. He finished his unemotional reading and left without allowing anyone to question him. I could say more but I will leave it to you readers to finish my thoughts.

Edith Montgomery


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