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Letters, Aug. 22

On climate change

I just now finished an issue of Mother Jones, and the featured article by David Corn. It is about a “disaster unfolding and nobody listens.”

Scientists are going crazy. So much evidence in their hands, and no one is taking “my advice.” I experience this familiar frustration ... well, friendly! But first I will tell you my condition:

I am old. I live in retirement facilities, where I am compromised in my thoughts. I see in Ashland that suffering which is needless as the scientists are expressing it in their environment. Few people are at peace.

An Ashland Tidings from last week featured a Peace Commission article about building an “infrastructure” for the mission of having real peace. That was on page 2; on page 3 opposite, was an article directly illuminating the vacuum of the previous article! The infrastructure must include the individual.

You can build top-laden structure out the yin-yang, but one person’s action is where peace resides. I see that we all have PTSD. That, where few “men” dare to go. And death! Wow! Taboo! We cannot face our own s---. Call that what you want, but if you cannot recognize it, smell it, deal with it, taste it, and wallow in its immensity then there is no satisfaction for scientists, sufferers of all stripes in the world. No! We flush it, out of sight and out of mind; I must go beyond my best, compost it to develop a highly nutritious soil, and friendly.

Bert Harris


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