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Letters, Aug. 23

Pipe the canal

The council vote on piping the TID canal in Ashland is Sept. 3 at 7 p.m. I am writing to ask fellow citizens who care about water conservation to write the councilors to vote yes and pipe the canal.

The city proposed the project to maximize the amount of water in the city. Currently water is lost to leaks and evaporation.

A lot of interesting statements have come from the opposition. One guest opinion actually compared the canal to Roman aqueducts. This writer described his pleasure with the moisture in the air along the canal. Well, that moisture comes from evaporation as irrigation water escapes into the atmosphere.

This is a quintessential “think globally, act locally” issue. Our snowpack is declining, our weather is becoming more extreme and our population is growing. There is no such thing as excess water.

More important than providing an artificial creek for a few landowners is the need to protect Ashland Creek to benefit all citizens and visitors. We have a huge impact on Ashland Creek and a responsibility to be good stewards. Water conservation will help protect Ashland Creek.

By the way, I think the Roman aqueducts were covered. Smart people, those Romans.

Dan Van Dyke


Vandalism unacceptable

I’m a Democrat and a sharp critic of Trump. However, I respect my Republican friends and I’m appalled by the vandalism directed towards their office in Medford. That is unacceptable.

I’m writing a $20 check to help repair the damage they have suffered. I challenge my friends on the left to do the same.

Pete Toogood


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