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Letters, Aug. 24

Move them back

Considering Ashland houses many of the cougar’s favorite prey, is it any wonder cougars are in Ashland looking for a meal?

In case you miss the innuendo, I’m referring to the rather large population of deer tolerated in town. When we moved here in 1950 there was a deer pen in Lithia Park. Deer tended to stay out of town so some were penned inside a fenced area above the upper duck pond for tourists to view. Now the whole town is a deer park.

No longer do you see hunting rifles on gun racks in pickup trucks in the high school parking lot. No one worried about mass school shootings in the 1950s, 1960s or even the 1970s.

In my opinion those were the good old days, when deer lived in the forest and town was reserved for people, pets and gardens without the need to defend same from foraging animals that have no business living in town. Let’s move the deer back to the forest and the cougar will follow.

R. Voris


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