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Letters, Aug. 28

Hard to believe

They stole the life of David Edwin Lewis, 11 long years ago. It’s hard to believe it has been that long. Brutally murdered; set on fire while alive. Dave’s entire tidy, neat-nick home, devastated to the ground. It’s hard to believe arrests could not have been made, in such a tiny mountain-top community.

Open-unsolved, silenced, swept-under-the-rug, 11 years. Hard to believe. And yet, with big hearts and deep gratitude, we bless the firefighters and first on scene. Bless the man that stood there and cried, while he could smell Dave burning. It’s hard to believe how many murders have happened in Southern Oregon and our nation, since September 2008. Soul-sick killers walking free. Hard to believe. Sad to see mass killings from the Baptist church in Texas to Sandy Hook schoolchildren! In music venues, schools, movie theaters, stores. Pulse, in Orlando, Florida. Killing brings no joy. No attempt to silence. No solution to an individual’s problems. No freedom. No truth. No love.

Devastating another’s life via murder, brings only evil and wreckage. It brings consequence to the ones who orchestrated evil, created mayhem, damaged their own soul.

Murder is a mirror-reflection into the killer. Eleven years, hard to believe.

Linda Lewis-Miller


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