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Ashland Letters, Sept. 14: Republican pathology

Republican pathology

Republicans contacted a pathogen — now it’s a plague! Signs include: inability to separate fact from fiction, swallowing lies easily, refusal to accept the truth, inability to face facts, gutless to denounce the actions of the idiot residing in the White House.

An example of this pathology: Rep. Kim Wallan’s refusal to take responsibility for the Republicans’ anti-science stance on climate, the environment, and their failure to behave in accordance with the oath of office: uphold the Constitution.

Republicans are winking at lies from the White House occupant and sanctioning his tweets: Obama wasn’t born here, Mexicans are rapists, black nations are s---holes”, asylum seekers equals ‘invasion.” They are dismissing public opinion on gun control (a public health crisis), health care and immigration. Our presidents should have a sense of moral purpose.

We now have threats of a recession, a deepening trade war with China, attacks on the free press (a cornerstone of our democracy), and a mentally ill person in the White House. Our leaders cannot remain indifferent to his impulses, which are death wishes for our country and ensure our problems will worsen.

Republicans! Stop cheering, chanting and supporting an ignorant racist. Place country above party.

Louise D. Shawkat


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