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Ashland letters, Sept. 17: A little awareness

A little awareness

I would like to thank the Oregon Shakespeare Festival for their recent community food drive for ACCESS and $10 ticket prices for the community to see some very wonderful plays over the Labor Day weekend!

I was one of hundreds of people who waited in line for the opportunity to, hopefully, purchase discounted tickets (before the performances were all sold out!). As time passed and we were all standing in line waiting for the box office to open, I was listening and conversing with people I had never met before on either side of me. It was quite an enjoyable experience.

We were talking about the plays and the people I was standing beside on both sides of me had seen some of the more current popular plays at least once before and planned to see them again (“Hairspray,” “Between 2 Knees” and “Cambodian Rock Band”). I hadn’t seen any of them yet.

As I was listening to this, I was thinking to myself, “Why are you even here?” “Why not let someone else who hasn’t had the opportunity to see these plays one time, have a chance to see them?” These main plays sold out very quickly and I didn’t get to secure a ticket for these performances.

The next time special ticket prices like this are offered and you’ve seen a play once before, if possible, please forgo attending it again. This will give others who haven’t had the opportunity to see plays once, more of a chance to see them.

Bev Vondra


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