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Letters, Sept. 20

Peace House excluded

I was doing a morning walk past the Ashland library and stopped to admire the artisans’ works of beautiful tiles dedicated to peace that are on the wall in front of the library. They are beautifully crafted and are such a strong statement of a community dedicated to peace. It took many years and much of the Ashland community coming together to raise the funds and design the art works, known today as the Peace Wall.

I was quite puzzled, then, that during the Culture of Peace International Day of Peace events next weekend, somehow neither Peace House or the Peace Wall organizers were included in the celebrations. Peace House has been a mainstay in the city for 37 years, dedicating hard work year after year to bring speakers and events to this community. The Peace Wall is a permanent art installation created by a community coming together to state its commitment to peace. Finally, after 12 years, on Sept 21 at 7 p.m., lights will be installed on the wall to “Light the Way to Peace,” yet that significant occasion is not included in the advertised events.

Could someone please let me know why these two were not included?

Pam Derby, former Ashland resident


Take your own to-go containers

The article in the Sept. 9 Ashland Tidings, “Program to test reusable restaurant containers,” describing the new “Rogue to Go” program, inspires hope that there is a potential method to address our dependence on single-use to-go food containers.

Here’s my plan to eliminate my consumption of single-use leftover food containers when dining out. When visiting a restaurant and anticipating the probability I’ll have food to bring home, I take along a couple of my own reusable food containers. I store them in my car’s trunk near the canvas grocery shopping and reusable vegetable bags. As originally with the canvas bags, the challenge is remembering to take the containers into the restaurant. Also as with the shopping bags, I trust that this will become an instinctual habit over time. Nesting containers work well in case more than one item needs to go home and to avoid juggling several containers on the way into the restaurant. Finding an appealing bag to carry them helps too.

Susanne McDonough


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