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Letters, Sept. 26

Consider Klobuchar

Moderate Democrats, independents and disaffected Republicans: As you are studying who to support for the Democratic presidential nomination, look at Amy Klobuchar. She is a moderate, but she may be the one who can bring in enough voters to beat Donald Trump.

Big progressive ideas are fine, but they will cost money, a lot of money. And that money will need to come largely from the wealthy who are reluctant to part with what they have. Amy’s ideas are more moderate, but compared to what we have with the Trump administration, they are quite progressive. Check her out. She might be the right one to beat Trump.

Edith Montgomery


Logic hard to follow

While I appreciate Nina Egert’s (“Glass thieves lead to discovery,” Tidings Sept. 23) concerns about who gets into the recycling bins, I find her logic difficult to process.

In suggesting we recycle our own bottles and cans for money or give them to someone who needs the money, Recology still will not get that income to offset their recycling costs. And in the model of giving the cans/glass to someone who needs the money, who better to get the money than the “picker“ who needs the money so makes the effort to walk the streets collecting the redeemables? Why not put redeemable cans in the glass or another bin alongside the glass for easy pickup, saving the pickers having to go through the entire blue recycling bin, a privacy issue for some? We have done this for years and the redeemables are gone before the Recology truck arrives, so there is no problem of the wrong thing in the wrong bin.

“Pickers” don’t do it for fun, they need the money. In addition, think of the energy savings of someone on foot collecting these redeemables instead of each homeowner driving them to a friend’s or a supermarket to recycle them personally just to keep them out of the hands of the pickers.

Cory Ross


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