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Letters, Sept. 27

Modern book burning?

I wonder if most Americans are aware that Congress has been coercing Internet search engines, social media platforms, email services and news outlets to censor not only all discussion of vaccine safety and efficacy, but also websites that provide information about natural health, alternative treatments and integrative and functional medicine.

The magnitude of censorship has reached Orwellian proportions, as more and more published stories and videos are removed from websites and published documents are revised to exclude information that might threaten the pharmaceutical industry’s revenue. An industry that spends more on lobbying than any other — $283 million in 2018, more than double the fossil fuel industry.

Natural health websites like GreenMedInfo.com, Mercola.com, DrWeil.com, WellnessMama.com and many other popular sites have been virtually eliminated from Google search results. These are not shady sellers of snake oil. GreenMedInfo.com alone covers over 10,000 health topics and publishes over 50,000 peer reviewed abstracts.

Will you sit idly by and let our corporate-controlled government dictate what you see and read? Are you willing to be subject to a level of propaganda and censorship typically seen only in communist countries and dictatorships? I know that I’m not!

Liz Schmidt


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