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Letters, Oct. 3

Power of one

So Rep. Greg Walden thinks Trump has not committed a “high crime.”

We Americans have a vote, one vote, not three-quarters of a vote or 99% of a vote, but one whole vote. Anyone who diminishes that vote in any way is robbing you of your one vote. Gerrymandering, voter suppression, voter fraud, vote tampering, an outdated Electoral College, all are forms of robbing you of your one vote. Greg Walden supports a president who wants a foreign entity to devalue your one vote.

In my opinion, Greg Walden is failing to protect his constituents’ votes. He is complicit in the Republican lockstep support of this president who actively seeks secret ways to negate your vote.

For years we have heard the cry of “constitutionalists” who insist we “return” to the letter of its words. Now, however, when the clear duties of Congress outlined in the Constitution are needed, Walden conveniently plays semantics and looks the other way. One wonders what would Walden’s definition of “high crime” be?

But more importantly, why would you vote for anyone or any political party who diminishes the value of your one vote?

Myrl Bishop


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