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Letters, Oct. 4

Build a solar farm

Brad and Julia Roupp put their concerns about climate change into action by installing 84 solar panels on three towers designed to track the sun (behind Science Works). The tracking enables 40% more efficiency than stationary mounted panels. This “demonstration” system is locally designed (Sharpe Engineering) and built (Oak Street Tank and Steel).

The City’s Climate and Energy Action Plan calls for the city to “facilitate and encourage solar energy production” (BE-1-3). I have seen a “solar energy farm” in Ellensburg, Washington that would be an appropriate model for Ashland.

City-owned land could be used for the community gardens concept to be applied to a solar energy farm. Ashland residents could buy solar panels and the electricity created would be applied to their electric bill. Residents would be actively participating in addressing climate change.

Our response to the climate change crisis should be to design actions that take advantage of our resources — a lot of sun. Bonneville Power should be more appropriately provided for Oregon communities with limited sunny days.

Barry Peckham


Wells Fargo fraud

Wells Fargo Bank has admitted to defrauding at least 3.5 million of their clients out of hundreds of millions, perhaps billions of dollars.

hey are facing over $2 billion of civil lawsuits brought by their defrauded customers. They have paid fines in the hundreds of millions to the federal government.

Given that proven record, who would entrust their money to them? Fool me once ... and all that.

Anthony J. Pippel


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