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Letters, Oct. 10

City Hall considerations

The Ashland City Hall should be located where it is convenient for people to do business with the city. This means easy road access and plenty of free parking.

It should bring officials and their visitors together for easy coordination. That is, it should contain most city offices.

The building should be designed to the highest standards of safety and infrastructure, though not opulence. It should have meeting rooms for everything from small conferences to the regular public council meetings, perhaps even an emergency operations center.

The City Hall should not be a blank-faced blot separating our central Plaza from our beautiful park. It should not be in a flood hazard zone or surrounded by buildings subject to collapse in a great earthquake.

The present building has no attraction for residents or visitors seeking entertainment, shopping or dining. It is just an empty space as far as most of us are concerned. Even with a new facade, it will still be an uninteresting, off-limits, secure facility. Visitors and workers at the present building occupy valuable parking all day that could serve customers of the downtown businesses. If redeveloped for commerce, the space would generate substantial tax revenue.

Either the Briscoe or police station/council chamber/Grove site would be better. Pick one and get on with it.

John Ames


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