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Letters, Oct. 11

Environmental chaos

Please look at the pretty green lawn by the entrance to Lithia Park, between the Shakespeare Stairs and the walking path. A big brown circle, where the bubble girl sets her soap bucket, makes for an interesting contrast. She, of course, doesn’t even notice. The bottle does say it’s biodegradable, after all.

It will probably turn a beautiful gold in a day or two, just like the big spot by the cello player the bubble boys killed last summer (which hasn’t returned, despite some noble efforts by the Parks crew).

Just please look.

And sometimes she moves to the plaza, where there will be no dead grass, but noticeably slippery, soap-covered, gray pavers.

And when a child slips and falls and breaks their head, or an old person breaks their hip, who will they sue?

Her little tip jar won’t be much help.

Randy Dolinger


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