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Letters, Oct. 12

Clearing the air

The pollution caused by smoke in our valley is minimal compared to pollution from the smoke screen in the White House, the pseudo Art of the Deal.

Its supporters on the opposite side of my value system believe that government should be run like a business, that profits for some outweigh the balance required to consider the necessities of many, that money more than morality best represents societies interests, that useful taxes and regulations annoyingly hamper the needs of greed.

When 40 (Reagan) cut taxes and regulations, he produced a recession along with the S&L debacle that even 41 (H.W.) and his war couldn’t rectify. When 42 (Clinton) helped repair the damage, the Republicans’ main interest was a perpetual self-righteous witch-hunt.

In the Cheney administration, 43 (W) continued the Republican manifesto producing a larger war and recession that 44 (Obama) inherited. While attempting to repair that disaster he too was perpetually demonized.

Respectable Republicans who joined with Democrats to exorcize 37 (Nixon) and his corrupt administration no longer exist. Now, just as if we were standing on Fifth Avenue, they have a 45 (Trump) pointed at America’s head.

Steve Sutfin


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