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Letters, Oct. 17

Vote yes for dispatch

I’d like to the thank the editors of the Mail Tribune for their Sept. 19 endorsement of Measure 15-186. I agree, the “911 upgrade would be money well spent.”

My career in emergency dispatch extends for nearly 30 years, and much of the radio infrastructure used today is the same as when I began my career. Simply put, the radio technology behind the 911 system is dangerously out of date. Emergency Communications of Southern Oregon (ECSO) has replaced radio components in dispatch with parts and pieces from other dispatch centers who upgraded to the required digital radio system.

Increased system component failures required technicians to search on-line auction sites and third-party vendors in efforts to obtain replacement parts or use borrowed parts from a neighboring public safety jurisdiction, just to maintain the system.

I have both friends and family in public safety in Jackson County. Their ability to clearly and efficiently communicate on the emergency radio system is imperative to their safety, and to the safety of citizens. If you have an emergency and call 911, the dispatcher must be able to clearly communicate your location and important information to the responding fire, medical, or police to quickly get you the help you need.

If the EMS or law enforcement responders cannot clearly communicate with dispatch, or with each other, their ability to quickly respond to your emergency is compromised. I support this measure because it provides our first responders the radio infrastructure they require to keep us all safe, to respond quickly when someone is in need, and maintain their own safety.

Please join me this Nov. 5 and vote yes on Measure 15-186.

Margie Moulin


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