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Letters, Oct. 21

Biking in Ashland

Biking has become boring over the past 15 years I have lived in Ashland: The cars stop when I am on the Bear Creek bike path intending to cross North Mountain Avenue or Ashland Street. The drivers let me pass and I wave them a thank you.

However, biking on Siskiyou: That is really fun! There are obstacles like the I5 deviation signs between Walker and Ashland Street, of course it’s placed in the bike lane with its left edge blocking my way. I understand that the car drivers won’t read it, if it were placed on the sidewalk.

I am challenged to cross into the car lane. Can I do it? Will the the approaching driver recognize me? Next are the recycle bins on the bike lane. Hey, another chicken game with the cars!

And of course the cars in the parking bays, more than a foot away from the curb! When I pass too close, will the driver open the door so I have a chance to crash into the door?

Let’s not to talk about the police car with all lights blinking and stopping in the bike line. The best thrill, however, was produced by the driver of the big pickup with the humongous right rear-view mirror which passed my left shoulder by just an inch! Wow! Biking is interesting in biker-friendly Ashland.

Udo Gorsch-Nies


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