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Letters, Oct. 19

We should be alarmed

Americans should be alarmed by the White House’s refusal to submit to subpoenas or provide documents based on executive privilege, the excuse the president is not receiving due process or the right to face his accuser.

As his legal counsel well knows, these are rights pertaining to trials not investigations so they are misleading Americans simply by repeating those claims. They suggest the investigation is unconstitutional, a bizarre tactic as the powers of impeachment are laid out in Article I, sections 2 and 3 and Article II, Section 4.

The GOP spent much of the last 30 years constantly investigating Democrats: Whitewater, Foster, Starr, Benghazi. All of which presidents, secretaries and senators complied with.

The president and his lawyers are declaring that he is above the law, even above criticism. If we allow this abuse of the rule of law, then we shake the fundamental foundation of our democracy and open the door to authoritarianism.

If you’re all right with that because you’re a Republican, then simply imagine a Democratic president with the power to ignore any law and see if you’re still comfortable.

Sean O’Skea


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