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Letters, Oct. 22

Officers do a lot

In response to Gabriel Howe’s guest opinion Oct. 17: He might read the local police reports to see just a “short” report of what our officers do daily. They do spend time at all of the schools daily.

Perhaps he could run for the School Board and try to change policy to his liking.

Donald Politis


Cherry-picked quotes

In his weekly column on Oct. 19, Herb Rothschild correctly calls out Benjamin Netanyahu’s foolish threat to annex parcels in the West Bank. But when he lists a cherry-picked series of bigoted comments by some of Israel’s first generation of leaders he fails to put these statements in their proper context.

All the Israeli leaders he quotes recanted, apologized for and regretted making such statements. When Meir Kahane, a member of the Israeli Knesset (Parliament), made bigoted statements against Arabs in 1988 he was swiftly expelled from the government.

I could make an equally despicable list of statements by Palestinian leaders about Jews, but that would not contribute to our shared hope for peace. It is better to urge both sides to sit down and to make the kind of territorial compromises and security concessions that Israel has been willing to accept since its inception as a modern nation in 1948.

Rabbi David Zaslow


Food Project grateful

Thank you to fellow Ashlanders for another generous set of food donations to the Ashland Emergency Food Bank. Saturday, Oct. 12 was our every-other-month food drive by the Ashland Food Project to pick up the green bags that you generously set out on your porches and doorsteps.

It is wonderful to see the community at work as over 30,000 pounds of food was collected — the equivalent of more than 20,000 meals — which will help our neighbors and fellow citizens who sometimes struggle to feed their families.

This is a totally volunteer-driven program, which includes 145 neighborhood coordinators who pick up their neighbors’ green bags and drive them to food bank. If you would like to become one of the nearly 3,000 food donors or would consider becoming a neighborhood coordinator, you can sign up at our website: ashlandfoodproject.com.

We also would like to thank the co-sponsors for this month’s food drive, Standing Stone Brewery Company and People’s Bank.

Our next pickup is Saturday, Dec. 14. Join us in helping end food insecurity in our town, one green bag at a time.

Larry Chapman and Linda Peterson Adams

Ashland Food Project Steering Committee

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