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Letters, Oct. 25

Good for Oregon

When the Republicans decided that serving the state government, Oregonians and their oaths of office was less important than taking a trip to Idaho and serving corporations, they argued that the legislation proposed to counter global warming and reduce Oregon’s greenhouse gas emissions was a Portland plot designed to undermine the rest of the state. This was and remains nonsense.

Several of the senators who left to avoid voting were on the committee that wrote the bill; they had ample opportunity to offer their concerns, thoughts and amendments. Instead, they walked out.

The reality is that HB 2020 offered rural and coastal Oregon an abundance of investments that could have countered the economic disadvantages that these Oregonians experience. But Republicans rejected economic progress for rural and coastal Oregon, stuck to the business-as-usual commitments that bring them industry campaign contributions, sacrificed rural Oregon and the planet, and just walked out.

Kudos to Louise Shawkat, (Mail Tribune guest opinion, Sunday, Oct. 19) for pointing out exactly what benefits for rural and coastal Oregon HB 2020 offered that these Republicans sacrificed in order to serve their corporate donors. It’s time Republicans focused on what’s good for Oregonians rather than serving their campaign contributors.

Kathy Conway


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