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Letters, Nov. 11

Resist plastic

Plastics made from fossil fuels are in our cosmetics, soaps, clothes — in our everything. Eight percent of every barrel of oil becomes plastic.

Fossil fuel industries receive direct subsidies and tax benefits equaling about $20 billion per year. In return, they degrade our natural world and cause countless human health problems.

How can we justify these subsidies? According to the International Monetary Fund, fossil fuels account for 85% of all global subsidies. From cradle to grave, the fossil fuel industry acts irresponsibly and gets a free pass to deceive and destroy.

As profits for this industry decline due to expanding renewable energy use, the fossil fuel industry is expanding its plastic production for profit. They will create a worldwide market for these products. It is cheaper to make new plastic than recycle old plastic! That’s a punch in the gut.

Stop subsidies, examine the life cycle of plastic with contamination from extraction, through processing, transportation, refinement and manufacturing of final products, and including our exposure to them and the toxic emissions from their incineration. Make this industry pay for the damage it causes.

Reject as much plastic as you are able. Contact businesses, by refusing, by voice, by keyboard, by voting.

Louise D. Shawkat


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