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Letters, Nov. 13

Intemperate letter

This is in response to Bryan Holley’s intemperate communication in the Nov. 12 Tidings about the piping of Ashland Canal and criticism of Councilman Stephen Jensen.

1. He takes the councilman to task for announcing his vote in advance, suggesting, therefore, that the councilman recuse himself from voting. This makes no sense —there is nothing in law or practice that precludes this. In fact, politicians do it all the time. Judging from the councilman’s article, he has thought through this matter with care.

2. Holley also takes the councilman to task for adopting the criterion of “the greatest good for the greatest number.” Gosh, I thought that’s what we expect from folks in public service. That this is a mask for “authoritarianism” is ridiculous.

Holley’s letter is devoid of any substantive comment on the issue. If this is the best that “anti pipers” can come up with, I would suggest that they stay at home!

Bob Wetmore



Let me state at the outset of this writing that I do not want Donald J. Trump to be my president. There is a whole litany of reasons for my position, but I am trying to articulate why I believe, along with others, that he is outside the parameters of what is normal for the behavior of any person as president, as the leader of “We the People” of the United States.

I read. I listen. I watch. I think. And then I speculate.

I believe that Donald J. Trump has ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), which does not allow him to pay attention to any one thing for any length of time. It is the behavior of a very young child.

I believe that he has a deep learning disability that makes it difficult for him to grasp ideas through the written word. He needs visual aids. But he is not a sophisticated perceiver. The simpler the image, the more he likes it.

I believe that he might have a split personality which forces him to present himself in more than one persona, as in talking about himself in the third person. Splits usually occur in early childhood after traumatic experiences. Could he have had an injury to the brain that was never documented because to do so might have suggested that someone did him harm.

He is a deeply wounded person on many levels so that he demands loyalty and love through bribes and/or brutish behavior. And revenge on those who question him, ridicule him, oppose him at any level from minor slight to major objections.

So I would suggest his removal from the highest office but with forgiveness and compassion.

Rochelle Newman


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