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Letters, Nov. 14

Not just about a canal

What Councilor Stephen Jensen fails to discuss in his opinion of why Ashland needs to pipe a 2-mile section of irrigation ditch is that 21 properties are located along sections that are currently piped, not along an open canal.

These property owners will have their yards torn open not only where the pipe runs, but also along the city’s easement, which is 10 feet on center. This is what will be removed on those properties if the city moves forward: 87 trees, four fences, six driveways, 13 raised beds, four sets of stairs, two retaining walls, one decorative path, one carport, a sprinkler system and, of note: underground power, sewer, underground communication, two power transformers and gas lines.

Most importantly some of these homeowners will lose the privacy that they value from the mature landscaping that will be removed. Not one of these homeowners has been told what the city will do to replace everything. It is also not in the $3.7 million price tag. How much more will the city of Ashland have to pay and then pass on to its citizens in order to restore these features and as well as dealing with the unknowns of this project?

Julie Bonney-Shanor


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