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Letters, Nov. 20

Proud of Peace House

Peace House held its annual dinner and awards ceremony Friday night (Nov. 15) at the Ashland Hills Inn. As one of the founders of Peace House 37 years ago, looking around the packed ballroom, I felt somewhat like the ancient matriarch at an enormous family gathering, very proud indeed of what a small group of passionately concerned citizens had set in motion so long ago, when the threat of nuclear annihilation seemed imminent, the need for nonviolent education and action imperative.

Over the years, Peace House has broadened its scope and continues (perhaps too quietly) to be a strong force for a variety of causes and groups beyond what we envisioned at the beginning. A beautifully designed program booklet for the annual event describes in detail the impressive number of projects flourishing under the Peace House umbrella.

I’m expressing my gratitude publicly to Elizabeth Hallett, the board, staff and volunteers who carry on this vital, heartening work, and I encouraging readers to email info@peacehouse.net to receive the bi-weekly calendar of peace and justice events, information and volunteer options. Being part of the Peace House Community offers solace and hope in an ever increasingly fragmented, divisive, distrustful society.

Dot Fisher-Smith


Carless, by choice

After two back-to-back mishaps with my car, I decided to quit driving. My kids and friends are so happy with my decision. I considered the mishaps were a wake up call, and followed it.

Since the weather’s so sunny, un-rainy and not too cold, I decided to get used to the bus before giving away my car. You old-time bus riders know that riding a bus cuts your day in two. That’s OK, because our culture of constant activity can be hard on us anyway. Also, I am happy not to pollute the air with my car’s CO2.

Ashland offers qualified seniors free rides on RVTD buses. You must be 62 years or older to receive a “touchpass” card. The card is good for 20 rides. It comes down to about two rides a week. To sign up you must come to the Senior Center, 1699 Homes Ave., below Highway 66, down Walker Street, in Ashland.

This letter is to encourage older folks to consider giving up driving before their doctor, a judge or a friend tells them they must do so. I now get around by walking, the bus, and friends.

If the quality of your driving is questionable I encourage you to experiment with the bus. See how it goes, and whether you’re ready to give up your car before events require it. It’s safer, and more comfortable to be ahead of the curve.

Carola Lacy


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