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Letters, Nov. 27

A cowardly gang

The impeachment hearings have revealed a gang of cowardly, craven apologists for Trump who no longer care about the U.S. Constitution or the criminal conspiracy that is manifest in Trump’s behavior, his crime family and his syndicate of cultist followers.

We know Trump solicited help from a foreign government to help his 2020 re-election; we know he attempted to bribe and extort Ukraine to investigate political opponents and promote cockamamie conspiracy hoaxes; we know he attempted to obstruct the congressional committee in the legitimate performance of its duties by blocking testimony from cronies. If Trump were innocent, he would be encouraging his followers to testify.

Throughout the hearings, Trumpers moved the goal posts: First there was no quid pro quo; then it was a legitimate pursuit of corruption, then it was all hearsay and speculation. The Trump defense by his cult has collapsed like a house of cards as first one then another witness shreds the arguments.

Finally, the entire false narrative that Ukraine was involved in 2016 election misdeeds that serve only Russia has been debunked. The entire Republican Party should now don “Make Russia Great Again” hats.

The once proud Republican Party is left cowering amid Trump’s tatters.

Trisha Vigil


Webletters Graphic.jpg