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Letters, Nov. 29

Government of Putin

The face of the mutated GOP, court jester and acting POTUS, openly admires and praises dictators around the world and attempts to emulate their policies of intimidation in lieu of coherent leadership. This flawed mindset severely tarnishes the essence of America’s Constitution.

By disregarding our rule of law, ridiculing our government officials, disavowing our public servants, attacking our press corps and now, perversely, overriding our military’s code of conduct, he has created real concerns about the abuse of America’s democratic freedoms. And while deliberately appointing unqualified personnel to critical positions, these patriots have left other necessary key positions unfilled, basically terminating them.

Draining the swamp, then, is simply a distracting sound bite while they dismantle our two-party system of government. It’s important to remember that the supreme leader of the Third Reich successfully used the same democratic freedoms to undermine and then destroy their own democracy.

As a card-carrying American and left-of-center member of an all-Republican family, I can’t imagine that the community of intelligent and respectable Republicans would want anyone to think that this administration is an honorable representation of their conservative values.

Steve Sutfin


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